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Planning a wedding is no easy task. I've been there myself. Managing family expectations, planning, and figuring out how to squeeze what you and your partner actually want into plans that are already occupied by other people's expectations is exhausting.

Between all the traditions you're not really into, it can be hard to remember why you're even putting together this whole production. Eloping takes the "shoulds" out of the equation, and replaces them with "hell yeah!" decisions.

That's why I help couples elope. The unique dreams you have for your wedding day can be a reality, and you don't have to sacrifice your sanity to make that happen.

You are officially invited to throw the "shoulds" out the window of your nearest off road vehicle and create a wedding of YOUR dreams. From finding your epic outdoor ceremony location, to finding vendors who just "get you", I'm with you every step of the way. 

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Tucson, Arizona based, traveling the west coast

If you're in the midst of planning an adventurous wedding, elopement, or otherwise outside-the-box wedding experience, I'm the gal who will help you hang onto every rad memory. I photograph people who are over-the-top in love on their wedding day. You can call me an elopement photographer, but i'm also your adventure buddy, partner-in-crime, and adventure wedding wish-granter. 

My main hangs are Tucson and the greater Arizona area, but I'm also down for other west coast travels if that's where your adventure takes you!

I believe that love is love, that comfy shoes are the best wedding shoes, and that climbing an epic trail is always worth the sunset at the top. I'd love to join you on your first adventure in marriage.

I'm Kiley Harmon.

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Hey! Hi! hello!

Around here, we love our public lands! I've taken the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics' official photography course, and I'm here to be a better steward of the outdoors. 

If LNT principals are new to you, worry not! I'm prepared to make our time in the outdoors the most fun it can be while also leaving as little impact as we can. That way, you can re-visit the place you said your vows in for decades to come and STILL enjoy every bit of that place's beauty.

Want to learn more about the values closest to my heart? Check those out below.

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Leave No Trace
I'm an official leave no trace aware photographer


Because marriage is an adventure, and day one should be too

Because we've all been to some awesome ballroom weddings, but fresh air and sweeping sunset views speak to your soul

Because you know the vows you want to say, but you'd just feel more comfortable sharing them in total privacy. Your dogs are, after all,  the witnesses you feel most comfortable around.

Because you actually want to spend your entire wedding day enjoying your time together-- not just a designated reception time.

Because traditions can be fun, but you'd like to create some of your own.

Because you live a life of authenticity and adventure and you want this day to be a true reflection of who you are as a couple without all the pressure to "preform" your wedding

This day-- the one you you're dreaming of right now-- is not out of your reach.

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with love & good vibes,

we try to respond to all emails within 48 hours and can't wait to chat with you!

Thanks a bunch!

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