News flash: you do not need a special occasion to have photos taken. You don’t need to be engaged, celebrating an anniversary, or anything at all! If you’re in love and want photos taken with your partner, that’s as good an excuse as any. Consider these their magical Mount Lemmon “Not Engagement Photos”.

Navy and Green Mount Lemmon Adventure Photos

Devyn and Ryan have been together for 5 years. They are head-over-heels for each other, and I’m pretty sure it shows in these images! Here’s the best part– Devyn’s my sister, so when she asked about doing a fun little adventure photo session, I could not have been more stoked.

On their homecoming weekend, we headed up Mount Lemmon to Windy Point for a quick little adventure session and some engagement-esque photos. She wondered if it would be weird having professional photos taken since they’re not engaged, but of course, it isn’t! You don’t have to be capital “E” Engaged to commemorate a time where you’re cute and in love! Existing on a random Tuesday is an equally good reason for photos.

We climbed rocks in formalwear and had a blast together enjoying the sunset before they finally headed back home to Phoenix. These images are proof that you don’t need professional hair and makeup or any extra expenses to make photos stunning. This bouquet? Trader Joe’s. The hair? Dry shampoo. The makeup? Haphazardly applied in my bathroom by me. It’s not about the amount of money that goes into a session. It’s about the relationship you bring to the session.

If you are in love, and you can make each other laugh, your session will be perfect. I promise. The reason these images shine is because these two are happy, in love, and approaching the tail end of their homecoming hangovers from the night before 😉 They frolicked, laughed, and got to totally enjoy their #NotEngagementPhotos.

I hope you love these images as much as I love these humans.

Woman laughing and twirling her skirt
Man kissing woman's forehead with woman looking behind her
Man and woman enjoying a sunset
Man and woman sitting on a cliff at sunset
Man and woman cuddling and kissing at sunset on a cliff
Black and white girl focused on eyes
Man and woman cuddling at sunset on a cliff

The Not Engagement Photos – Mount Lemmon

Engaged, Mount Lemmon


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